Thursday, January 22, 2015

Windows 10 instead of 9

Remember when we were waiting for Windows 9 last year just because Windows 8 doesn't really fit well with us? Rumors here and there, and after awhile Microsoft decided there will be no Windows 9. :/

Next version of Windows
Worry not, the next version is still coming! It's just that Microsoft decided not to use Windows 9 as the name of the next version of Windows (Perhaps because 7 8[ate] 9). Instead, it went for a surprising Windows 10. This is still surprising, no? It is also said to be a free upgrade for Windows 7 & 8 users!

Windows 10's Features
There are handful of new features that will be tucked in this new OS. These include:
1. Cortana - Microsoft's helpful digital assistant 
2. Spartan - New, clean-looking and lightweight browser (also claimed to be having the most advanced features ever!)
3. Improving PC Games with Xbox
4. Hybrid Start Menu (which looks like the old start menu you see on Windows 7, which also features the 8.1 Start screen! Which means no more start screen? Good news to me!)
5. Snap Assist - helps you snap windows 
6. 21st Century Command Prompt
7. Continum  - one of the coolest features!
8. Modern/Univeral apps now float on desktop!

To read more about these features, head over here & here

Windows 10 Review

If you want to have a better look on how Windows 10 look like, and how well it went as of now, TechRadar has made a review on it

Windows 10 Release Date

So the bigger question here, when can we get our hands on it?
On January 21, Microsoft has made a big reveal to public. However, no particular date for when the final release is out. But Microsoft promised that it will start shipping Windows 10 to consumers in late 2015. I know some of you can't wait to try it out, especially for those geeks out there. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Technical Preview. What are you waiting for? Download and give it a try! (if you don't know what is an .iso file is, it is best for you to wait for the final release and let Windows do the upgrade)

So there you have it, Windows 10 instead of 9. What do you think of the next version of Windows? Yeay? Nay? Don't be shy, drop your comments below!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Englishjer! - Belajar Bahasa Inggeris #SepertiSeorangMajikan

Are you having trouble with your grammar? Wanted to learn basic English but don't have the time for English classes? 'Englishjer' is here to help you out!

What is Englishjer?

'Englishjer' is a program to teach basic English through the medium of Social Media which is Twitter.
The man behind the twitter account is Abd Qayum Jumadi, which is a Sabahan, and a friend of mine! (proud to be both!)
Mr. Qay, the founder of @Englishjer

 If you scroll through the twitter account, you would notice that the lessons are simple and funny at times. Not just that, it even includes plenty of informative tweets. So, what are you waiting for? Jangan sombong, masa untuk belajar (like a boss!)

Sekarang baru tau 'pilot whales' tu sejenis dolphin. LOL

Now even better!

PopTeeVee has now launched 'Englishjer' web TV series featuring 1-2 minutes of english lessons which its episodes are out in a weekly basis. Jangan bagi alasan xda masa nk blajar.. main facebook 10 jam boleh, xkan belajar english 2 minit x blh? Jom mulakan dengan Lesson 1!

Englishjer Lesson 1: What's YOUR/YOU'RE Problem?

More episodes on PopTeeVee Youtube Channel
Englishjer Instagram account: @englishjer
Englishjer Weblog:

If you think your English is weak, it's not too late to learn and improve English. If you already know about this program, don't forget to share this program with your friends and family! Malaysia Boleh, Sabah boleh! Ok sampai sini saja post kali ni.. masa untuk belajar English seperti seorang majikan!

@Englishjer said, 'ILMU ITU AWESOME!'

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sabah & Malaysia?

Flag of Sabah

Recently, people keep hitting me with this. "Bila nak datang Malaysia?"--"Kami d Malaysia jauh la nak ke Sabah"--"Dah pernah datang Malaysia? Sini best :-)"......Just because of I'm a Sabahan.

These people are of course, Malaysians. And for sure, those from Peninsular Malaysia. Okay, it's giving me a headache. Let me make this clear..

Kepada semua pembaca yang berasal dari Semenanjung, SABAH itu salah satu negeri-negeri yang ada di Malaysia. Means, Sabah IS IN Malaysia. I know that some of you know, and I'm glad with that. Tapi ada yang masih tidak tahu. Sedih >.< ...

Perkara ni penting untuk korang tau. Nanti bila orang tanya, "negeri apa yang merupakan negeri kedua terbesar di Malaysia?" ...Macam mana korang nak jawab? Yes, Sabah is the 2nd largest state in Malaysia :-)

Yes, we are very near to Brunei and Indonesia, but we are apart of Malaysia. Please remember this..

There's even worst... Some people asked whether if we really do live on trees. SIGH! No we don't. You should come to Sabah and check it out for yourself.. We have roads and flyovers, we have shopping malls and petrol stations, we have hotels and restaurants. Cinemas, bowling alley, stadiums and etc.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
1Borneo Hypermall (largest hypermall in Borneo)
Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu

More info about SABAH can be obtained here >

Thanks for reading! 1Malaysia :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers - met Shah a.k.a TehTarik!

few days ago, I was checking out my facebook wall and Jobby told me that there will be a mini gathering for sabahan nuffnangers. I was like, "seriously??". I've been waiting for this to come! I've even sent tickets to nuffnang asking when will there be free movie premiers and nuffnang gathering or events in Sabah. And finally, the day has come!

This is the post telling Sabahans to come along and join the gathering

And yes, I've went to it! Jobby joined along too. We arrived at Jesselton Point and was wondering if we could recall of how Shah(mr.teh tarik) looks like. haha.. luckily, I did snapped his pic on the nuffnang blog post.. In case I couldn't remember his face.. hahaha..

ok this is

The gathering was one fun gathering, though not many could come up.. I guess it might be due to the rain that night. Otherwise, there would be more than 10 people came. But, Shah was grateful, coz he said he thought of only 3-4 people would come. Sambutan yang menyenangkan hati :-) 

I'm grateful that nuffnang has finally came to Sabah. We really appreciate it! Thank you Nuffnang! Thank you Teh Tarik! 

1) Mr Teh Tarik to come back Sabah again and AGAIN.(more gatherings!)
2) Free Movie Premiere in Sabah's GSC!
3) Official Events in Sabah!

GO nuffnang! Go Teh Tarik!

 The Amazing Teh Tarik Drinker!

freebie as an appreciation for us. yes, I <3 Nuffnang!

P/S : Holiday is now. What to do to fill it out~~?? I wanna go travel X_X

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Guess Who's Back" + "You Can Make A Change!"

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1-2-3 Malaysia. haha!

lalala~ Guess who's back!!

Let's see, it's been 2 months plus that I didn't update my blog, right?
Mesti ada yang tertanya2.. Mana pergi tuan punya blog.. ? Masih hidup ka x? hoho~!

Okay, I'm still alive and still rocking and kicking! It's just that I've been busy and I have no mood to blog, at all. Until today, I decided to continue blogging.. x patut blog ni dibiarkan mcm ni.. betul x?

So, how are you all readers out there? Hope you're doing good! miss me? yes I miss you too! hahaha.

I was supposed to get back blogging weeks ago, but since I have to work on my time with notes and stuffs for exam, I decided to postpone it. Yeah, EXAM. it was started on 9th Nov and the end of all papers will be on 26th of Nov, which is this Friday! Do still wish me good luck okay.

Dalam kesempitan exam ni pun aku sempat siap satu projek video, collaborate with my friends, Khairul Anwar and Hisyamuddin. We've decided to join the MUFORS Road Reels Short Film Contest. what is MUFORS? it stands for Malaysians United For Road Safety. It is to give awareness to the road users, especially drivers and motorcyclists. Want to know more about it? Log on to :

Dalam kesempatan ni, aku perlukan pertolongan dari readers smua :-) . We would be happy if you could spend a little time to vote for our video. Silalah vote untuk kami :-) Sokongan anda amat berharga buat kami. We have only less than 1 week to collect votes from you guys, So I hope you guys could help (PLEASE n THANK YOU). So, mesti korg tertanya2, mana video tu? Here it goes~

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US! we need your help :-) 
To Vote, simply click on the link above this text, and then you'll see "Click here to vote this video" . Click it and you'll be asked to login. look for signup link, and signup for an account(it won't take longer than 30sec, trust me!), then login ur account, then you can vote for us :D

P/S : Sorry lah video x best :( We have limited time to work on it.. ini semua kerja last minute.. But I hope you get the message of the video :) .

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Schools for Pregnant teens?? In Malaysia??

Malaysia state to open school for pregnant teens
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysian state authorities will soon open a school exclusively for pregnant teenagers to help them overcome the stigma of having children without being married, an official said Wednesday.
The school will be able to accept about 30 students starting Sept. 16, making the southern state of Malacca the first in this Muslim-majority country to have such an institution, said school chairman Abdul Rahman Abdul Karim.
The plan comes after Malaysian officials have voiced increasing concerns about teenagers who inadvertently become pregnant and drop out of school. Some young mothers have abandon their babies in garbage dumps, bushes or public toilets.
The Islamic affairs department in Malacca will run the school and offer classes in math, science, English and other subjects alongside religious counseling for the girls, Abdul Rahman said. They can also stay in a hostel next to the school.
"We want to give them a second chance to rebuild their future," Abdul Rahman said. "After they deliver their babies, the girls can go back to their ordinary schools."
Sex out of wedlock remains a taboo for many Muslims in Malaysia, where more than 50 babies have been found abandoned so far this year. Many of them died.
Officials in Malacca have recorded at least 170 babies born out of wedlock this year. More than 70 were delivered by teenage girls.
Malacca's chief minister recently encouraged Muslim teenagers to get married if they cannot resist having sex and promised to allocate state funds to help them start a family.
 credits to : Yahoo! News 

So what do you guys think? Should this be done? Throw out your opinions here.. Jom berkongsi :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh! Aku telah kembali!

Assalamualaikum dan salam semuanya :D

Setelah sekian lamanya tidak mengupdate blogku yang tidak seberapa ini, akhirnya aku telah kembali beraksi! Hehehe..

Ke mana menghilangnya AZREEN selama ini? Biar aku bagi penerangan supaya semua orang jelas tanpa tanda tny. J

Entri terakhir aku ialah pada tanggal 23 Ogos 2010. Maksudnya, dah seminggu lebih aku x update entri kan? Laaaahh... bukan lama sgt pun.. x sampai sebulan pun. Terasa macam lama tak update la pulak. Hehe.

Let’s make it short and simple. Tuan punya blog tersangatlah sibuk dengan hal peribadi dan hal di Universiti. Assignment dan Kuiz tersangatlah berlambak.. Tambahan lagi minggu lalu kami ada peperiksaan Mid-Term... Patutlah tuan punya blog xde masa kan? Huehehe..

Harap Maklum~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kanak-kanak maut, dua lelaki parah rumah simpan mercun meletup

KUALA TERENGGANU: Seorang kanak-kanak berusia enam tahun terbunuh dan dua lelaki cedera parah apabila sebuah rumah tinggal yang dipercayai menjadi gudang mercun di Kampung Seberang Baruh, Chabang Tiga di sini, meletup pada jam 12.30 tengahari tadi.

Mayat Khairul Arif Ayob, 6, pelajar Tadika Kampung Losong Atap Zin, ditemui tersangkut pada pokok selepas tercampak kira-kira 15 meter dari rumah berkenaan dengan kepalanya pecah.

Jurucakap bomba yang ditemui di tempat kejadian berkata letupan kuat itu menyebabkan bahagian depan rumah itu musnah sama sekali.

ish3.. apa nak jadi.. mercun tu sudahlah haram, sembunyi pula kat rumah.. inilah kesudahannya.. kalau ada mercun pun simpan la kat luar..hahaha.. rindu pulak nak main mercun... tapi skarang ni dah x boleh la.. dulu mercun selamattt.. x la seteruk mana pun... yang penting pandai handle..skarang ni mercun BOM la itu la, ini lah..hahaha..memang teruk la....skali meletup boleh hilang tangan.. x sempat pun nak kawin, dah hilang tangan... huhuhu



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