Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sabah & Malaysia?

Flag of Sabah

Recently, people keep hitting me with this. "Bila nak datang Malaysia?"--"Kami d Malaysia jauh la nak ke Sabah"--"Dah pernah datang Malaysia? Sini best :-)"......Just because of I'm a Sabahan.

These people are of course, Malaysians. And for sure, those from Peninsular Malaysia. Okay, it's giving me a headache. Let me make this clear..

Kepada semua pembaca yang berasal dari Semenanjung, SABAH itu salah satu negeri-negeri yang ada di Malaysia. Means, Sabah IS IN Malaysia. I know that some of you know, and I'm glad with that. Tapi ada yang masih tidak tahu. Sedih >.< ...

Perkara ni penting untuk korang tau. Nanti bila orang tanya, "negeri apa yang merupakan negeri kedua terbesar di Malaysia?" ...Macam mana korang nak jawab? Yes, Sabah is the 2nd largest state in Malaysia :-)

Yes, we are very near to Brunei and Indonesia, but we are apart of Malaysia. Please remember this..

There's even worst... Some people asked whether if we really do live on trees. SIGH! No we don't. You should come to Sabah and check it out for yourself.. We have roads and flyovers, we have shopping malls and petrol stations, we have hotels and restaurants. Cinemas, bowling alley, stadiums and etc.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
1Borneo Hypermall (largest hypermall in Borneo)
Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu

More info about SABAH can be obtained here >

Thanks for reading! 1Malaysia :D


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