Saturday, May 29, 2010

KDCA-ISCEP Concert 2010

Same like the day before, I spent the whole day resting at home and went out during the night. haha. and I always sleep late now. I'm like a dracula. Eh no.. I'm a bat. But why batman don't sleep late like me?(mcm tau2 jak...). Okay, so my friends and I went to KDCA-ISCEP Concert 2010 which was held in Hongkod Koisaan KDCA Penampang.

For those of you who have no idea what's ISCEP stands for, I'll be happily to share. ISCEP stands for International Student Cultural Exchange Program. And KDCA stands for The KadazanDusun Cultural Association. Okay fine, I googled for it.. haha =P

The concert started around 7:40pm when Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, our Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah also the Huguan Siou(Paramount Leader), launched the concert by hitting the 'gong' 7 times. (I don't know why I'm so precise on this part).

So apa yg ada?

Magunatip & Sazau Papar performed by St.Joseph, Papar students
Tarian Paina performed by SM St.Patrick, Membakut
Etnik Kreatif performed by SM St.Peter, Telipok
Kumbayan-Murut Ethnic Dance performed by SM La Salle KK
The Story Of Monsopiad Through Dance performed by SMK Bahang, Penampang
The Rise of Huminodun performed by SMK Tun Fuad Stephen, Kiulu
Modern Dance performed by SMK St.Francis Convent, KK
Solo Singing performed by SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Penampang
Batu Gong Legend Dance performed by SMK St.Martin, Tambunan
Sumazau Dance performed by SMK Lohan, Ranau
Korean Performance performed by Korean students

modern dance by St.Francis Convent babes(babes meh??)

awal balik.. apa kes? (people get bored easily)

from left : brian, jeff, jek

Korean Dances with musics including the famous "sorry,sorry" by Super Junior

dunno which performance.. haha

Everything was okay except for the stories through dances.. I don't get even a single scene of a story.. So, I'm blurred.. Sorry to say, but the performance don't work on the audience.. The story was not reaching to us. Modern dance by the Convent students was not much of what I've expected, coz I've seen way better than that, by convent students. Korean performances was okay, I guess? Well the traditional dances by the korean girls was abit dissapointing too. But nevermind, I have enough entertainment being there. And I met and saw some of my friends :-)

Friends I met (excluding those who r with me from the start lahh)

Friends I saw
*???=name forgotten.

Alright I'm tired of typing. my typing weren't as good as before. Overall, I expected more for this concert. But then it was still okayy...

Sanzac Reunion was cancelled, or maybe postponed? I'm too lazy to held up a reunion for now. Let's wait for Jobby coz he'll be good to help to held this thingy. Mawarian Sanzacians, stay tuned okay~!

Good Night.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Putera Persia Hebat!

Spent the day staying at home, and the night outside. :-) Jobby fetched me around 6pm and we stop by at sutera to meet Nich and the gang. Tinguk2 sunset la :) Then we went to Karamunsing for jobby's rec tape. Then head to Sadong... lps sadong, stay2 d Rainforest Cafe. 11:20PM, straight to Growball for Prince of Persia at 11:40pm. Let's make this post for the outstanding movie!

My first time knowing Prince of Persia was few years back, for its game. I have to say, the game was fun n wise! I've Played PoP:Sands of Time, PoP:Warrior Within & PoP:Two thrones. All were nice!

The movie title is Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time, was based on the storyline of the game.

The official poster

This movie is a story of an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world. Which is why after the prince was tricked by a dying Vizier to unleash the Sands of Time that turns out to destroy a kingdom and transforms its populace into ferocious demons. In his effort to save his own kingdom and redeem his fatal mistake, it's up to the prince and the princess to return the sands to the hourglass by using the Dagger of Time, which also gives him a limited control over the flow of time. - Synopsis from

in game.

in movie.

What say me? I say this movie rocks! An adventurous movie without leaving romantic and comedic scene behind. It has every element inside. I was paying full attention watching this movie.. not even a single second missed! How good would that be? I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. Idk about others.. every each of us have different point of views, am I right?

For those who haven't watch this movie yet, I recommend you to watch it, and don't download it! come on, few ringgits won't hurt!

What's next? I'm waiting for A-Team, Karate Kid & Toy Story 3!
Till the next post, salam~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Internet calls

What is internet calls? At these years, most of us hear alot about internet calls or VOIP(voice over internet protocol) calls. And I'm sure most of us know what is internet calls means.

Internet telephony enables people like us to use the internet as the medium for telephone calls. For broadband users like us, who pays a fixed-price for the internet acces, internet calls are happily free :-) Despite of the period of conversation.

We have alot of internet telephony applications available such as CoolTalk, Yahoo!Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype & etc. I have YM, WLM and skype for myself, but I seldom use skype and I don't know why.haha.

Pros and Cons?

The good thing about internet call is that, it's totally free. you don't have to pay a cent for a PC-to-PC call with your friends. and, you can even IM them instead of calling. Who knows if they don't want to talk to you? maybe sore throat? er..

Otherwise, Internet calls does not offer quality as good as direct telephone connections. Why? Let's say you're having an internet connection problem, and the line goes on and off? "ko suda makan?" .. "belu~"(suddenly hung up). u get what I mean don't u? besides, the sound quality is not as good as direct telephone connection.

But then, what are we hoping for something that is free, am I right?

Skype is getting better day by day.. now they even have video calls service available for us :)

okay now let's talk about something happening IN malaysia. TM's Italk has a new offer for us~
they call it iTalk Whoa. lets you stay connected with your friends abroad with FREE internet calls. You can also send e-mails and check your friend’s Facebook and Twitter updates! You can do all that with just one click~
Register as a member for free and let's go Whoa! haha. do tell me if u joined.. we can borak-borak someday :D


Sunday, May 23, 2010

The story of Inside Arts Enterprise

Pretty much have known about Inside Arts, and pretty much have not known about it. We might not be famous for now, but we will, someday :-)

Let's start from zero.. back in 2006(I'm like... 15?), I have 2 good friends who like to talk about computers and business.. Since I like the same stuffs, 3 of us blended pretty well.

One day, we came up with an idea to form our own group/club. So we came up with a name, Inside Club. why Inside? pretty much influenced by the intel inside logo, probably? haha.

Between that year, until now.. We did lots of things.. of course, inofficially. But now, we have evolved to Inside Arts. By the end of 2009, ideas came.. to make businesses and to rise up with the name of Inside Arts.. So we decided to apply for license for Inside Arts Enterprise.

picture : the three founders of Inside Arts

Now, we're doing business, making money, spreading wings, OFFICIALLY. What we actually do?
We're on the business of Designing & printing for shops, occassions, advertisement and etc.

Services we have for customers so far :
-business cards
-signboards/shopsign (lightbox available too)
-stickers(any design/shape)

T-printing coming soon. We're ordering the printer for T-shirts. stay tuned. hehe..

Interested on any of our services offered? Contact me~! :D I'll assure you that our price will be the best in KK!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Online Money Making

alright, let's talk about online money making.. it's a favourite topic of people :-)

Hmm, where do I start... okay, mcm2 jenis online money making ko boleh cari through the net. Google Adsense, Nuffnang, youthsays, MLM, Affiliates programs, and more.

I myself have tried adsense, nuffnang, youthsays and few affiliate programs. actually, cara cari duit dia ni lain2... adsense and nuffnang, u help advertisers to advertise on your website or blog. Income dia cmana? CPM atau CPC . apa benda tu?? CPM = Cost Per Impression(1million). and CPC=Cost Per Click. Lumayan atau x? sangat2.. dlu adsense ak 3-7$USD per day, terpulang kpada kehangatan post.. haha.. urm, ko kira la brapa dlm RM :) sbulan ribu woh... kalau follower ak zaman dlu, dorg pnh nmpk tu..bukti2 income adsense ak . hehehe.

MLM atau affiliate programs ni pulak lain... U will need capital. Modal klu teda, jgn la join benda2 ni... byk affiliate program d malaysia skrg ni.. ada yg modal RM10, RM20, RM50, RM100 and onwards. Stiap downline activate under ko, u'll be getting commision. Need to know more? feel free to ask.

Skarang ni ak x main adsense lg.. I dunno why.. mls mo urus western union kot. since I have no paypal yet. Lagipun jarang blogging, cmana mo byk duit masyuk? so I'm on 2 affiliate programs. modal RM10 and modal RM189. Modal RM10 best sbb senang cari downline(murah ba..sepa namaw).. and sesuai utk student2 high school and universities. kmu mo join? jom3. haha.

ini ada satu kawan nama dia joeanne, tp org pggl n dia pggl ann ann. cam kartun nama dia.. npa dia azreen? oh ndala.. dia main Facebook login RM100 tu... affiliate program jga bkn byk level punya ... dia x ikut sistem matrix.. good luck ann ann! hehehe

Friday, May 21, 2010

Phase 2 Finalised.

at last, I've updated the UPU thingy for phase 2. I have no idea whether my choice is right and going to get me a bright future.. But I believe that there are no dead ends in life.. no matter what, there's always a path to success, right?? haha...


Any suggestions or advices people? Let it out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Finally, back bloggin'. I dont know how long will this last since I'm no longer as active as before.. why? I have no idea. maybe because there's no more sweet moments or experiences to share? Brapa lama suda ak nda blog ah? urm.. ko kira laa sdiri k~

I've been having a loooong period of single life. I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it.. but hey, Single makes it simple, couple brings more trouble.. aint that right? But I couldn't deny, that I felt lonesome at times. But still prefer this way for now.. coz I'm not ready to give commitment for a relationship. We need to give full commitment, on a serious relationship, right?

Since I've been missing in action(for those who don't have my fb), let's go for QnA.

Q : Ko abis matrik suda kan? so amacam result?

A : Yupz. ok laa. 4.00 .. ko pcaya? hahaha. x ba. 3.21.. yala, tau la ko tinggi dr ak.

Q : So mo masuk mana la ni?

A : masuk apa? U ka? nataw.. tp kira mo dekat2 ja.. maybe UMS? coz I've been thinking of financial matters and my family :) tgklaa....

Q : napa mo dekat2 sabah? p semenanjung la ba.. kasi luas pandangan.. tambah experience..

A : senang la cakap.. klu ko sponsor ak ok jakkk ba.. Besides, apa yg best sgt d smenanjung? bkn x pnh pg... apa jga yg sna ada, d sabah teda?u tell me lah... air quality mana lagi bgus? d sabah nda semestinya ak nda blh bjaya ba. :-)

Q : npa ko nda ska stay d smenanjung?

A : ak x ska la baaa. tp teda la sampai anti- atau benci.. hm, most of them were and will always be narrow minded. and racist, don't u think so? I'm not referring to all of them ok. Kalau bab2 agama, bangsa & politik, no. 1 tu sna.. sini fresh with unity bah..

Q : What are you doing now, other than waiting for U offers?

A : I'm kicking and enjoying the holiday with friends and family. Also, my friends and I are running a small legalised company called Inside Arts Enterprise, which have been registered few months ago. visit our page on FB yah :) just search Inside Arts Enterprise. U'll get to know what we do.

Q : you said ur having a single life now, but what about ur status on fb? i'm confused

A : facebook is where u can meet fake people, and so as fake status :-)

Q : Jom jalan?

A : Sure, give me a call/sms!

Q : I tried to reach u on the phone, tp x dpt.. ko tkar num ka?

A : Penipu.. seems like u never tried to.. num lama on 24/7 okay.

Q : Any plans for the time being?

A : nataw? mo anjur reunion utk skolah menengah nie. mo join? eh, ko bkn sma kami.. sury, bye.

Q : Itik apa jalan guna dua kaki?

A : =.="

Q : Napa lama nda nmpk ko blogging.. ko p mana oh?

A : er... ntahla. teda mood mo blogging. besides, di matrik susahhh btul mo cari internet.. sma ja mcm mo cari air.. sna air dgn internet la problem. uhhuhu..

Q : bapak ak mo kawin lagi.. ko boleh tolong buat kad kawin and banner ka?

A : bulih baaa.. cari jak ak.. I'll get the best price for u in town.. :D including printing.

Q : Ada lagi ba mo tny ni..tapi malu ak tny sini

A : ba tny la d FB. atau jgn tny langsung.



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