Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Guess Who's Back" + "You Can Make A Change!"

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1-2-3 Malaysia. haha!

lalala~ Guess who's back!!

Let's see, it's been 2 months plus that I didn't update my blog, right?
Mesti ada yang tertanya2.. Mana pergi tuan punya blog.. ? Masih hidup ka x? hoho~!

Okay, I'm still alive and still rocking and kicking! It's just that I've been busy and I have no mood to blog, at all. Until today, I decided to continue blogging.. x patut blog ni dibiarkan mcm ni.. betul x?

So, how are you all readers out there? Hope you're doing good! miss me? yes I miss you too! hahaha.

I was supposed to get back blogging weeks ago, but since I have to work on my time with notes and stuffs for exam, I decided to postpone it. Yeah, EXAM. it was started on 9th Nov and the end of all papers will be on 26th of Nov, which is this Friday! Do still wish me good luck okay.

Dalam kesempitan exam ni pun aku sempat siap satu projek video, collaborate with my friends, Khairul Anwar and Hisyamuddin. We've decided to join the MUFORS Road Reels Short Film Contest. what is MUFORS? it stands for Malaysians United For Road Safety. It is to give awareness to the road users, especially drivers and motorcyclists. Want to know more about it? Log on to :

Dalam kesempatan ni, aku perlukan pertolongan dari readers smua :-) . We would be happy if you could spend a little time to vote for our video. Silalah vote untuk kami :-) Sokongan anda amat berharga buat kami. We have only less than 1 week to collect votes from you guys, So I hope you guys could help (PLEASE n THANK YOU). So, mesti korg tertanya2, mana video tu? Here it goes~

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR US! we need your help :-) 
To Vote, simply click on the link above this text, and then you'll see "Click here to vote this video" . Click it and you'll be asked to login. look for signup link, and signup for an account(it won't take longer than 30sec, trust me!), then login ur account, then you can vote for us :D

P/S : Sorry lah video x best :( We have limited time to work on it.. ini semua kerja last minute.. But I hope you get the message of the video :) .

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