Friday, August 13, 2010

Twitter & Churpchurp!

Pelik kan tajuk tu...dua2 bunyi burung... haha nevermind that..

Today I've got so bored so I walk around ppls' blog.. on GTO's blog, I found this churpchurp thingy.. looks interesting to me... u know it really moves me when it comes to money making.. haha.. 

Yeah, Churpchurp is sort of a social media community. What can you do with Churpchurp? Plenty things can be done.. but the major part i would like to highlight, is... churpchurp rewards for influencers’ updates.. You update your twitter or facebook status accordingly to the assignments they give. it's as simple as that :) It's like you're promoting campaigns from them.. and u'll be rewarded.

I'm still new here... But you might want to join and hop in with me.. let's make money... i'm serious =.=!

p/s : churpchurp is under nuffnang! woohoo~

There you go, this is why I have made up a twitter account. Here's my twitter link :

Join Churpchurp with me!

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U~ mwahahahaha!


Mohd Firdaus said...


gnesop said...

dah join.. br dapat 2 jer chorp..
pas tu diam.. x der iklan lg kot..
good luck yer


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