Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers - met Shah a.k.a TehTarik!

few days ago, I was checking out my facebook wall and Jobby told me that there will be a mini gathering for sabahan nuffnangers. I was like, "seriously??". I've been waiting for this to come! I've even sent tickets to nuffnang asking when will there be free movie premiers and nuffnang gathering or events in Sabah. And finally, the day has come!

This is the post telling Sabahans to come along and join the gathering

And yes, I've went to it! Jobby joined along too. We arrived at Jesselton Point and was wondering if we could recall of how Shah(mr.teh tarik) looks like. haha.. luckily, I did snapped his pic on the nuffnang blog post.. In case I couldn't remember his face.. hahaha..

ok this is

The gathering was one fun gathering, though not many could come up.. I guess it might be due to the rain that night. Otherwise, there would be more than 10 people came. But, Shah was grateful, coz he said he thought of only 3-4 people would come. Sambutan yang menyenangkan hati :-) 

I'm grateful that nuffnang has finally came to Sabah. We really appreciate it! Thank you Nuffnang! Thank you Teh Tarik! 

1) Mr Teh Tarik to come back Sabah again and AGAIN.(more gatherings!)
2) Free Movie Premiere in Sabah's GSC!
3) Official Events in Sabah!

GO nuffnang! Go Teh Tarik!

 The Amazing Teh Tarik Drinker!

freebie as an appreciation for us. yes, I <3 Nuffnang!

P/S : Holiday is now. What to do to fill it out~~?? I wanna go travel X_X


Ahm2480 said...

wah bestnya ..kamid malaysia jauh nak ke sabah

Sitishahirahalimin93 said...

sabahan blogger ! weewitt, wah bestnya dapat p mini gathering nuffnang .aishh,bila la bole join ni :) 


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