Sunday, May 23, 2010

The story of Inside Arts Enterprise

Pretty much have known about Inside Arts, and pretty much have not known about it. We might not be famous for now, but we will, someday :-)

Let's start from zero.. back in 2006(I'm like... 15?), I have 2 good friends who like to talk about computers and business.. Since I like the same stuffs, 3 of us blended pretty well.

One day, we came up with an idea to form our own group/club. So we came up with a name, Inside Club. why Inside? pretty much influenced by the intel inside logo, probably? haha.

Between that year, until now.. We did lots of things.. of course, inofficially. But now, we have evolved to Inside Arts. By the end of 2009, ideas came.. to make businesses and to rise up with the name of Inside Arts.. So we decided to apply for license for Inside Arts Enterprise.

picture : the three founders of Inside Arts

Now, we're doing business, making money, spreading wings, OFFICIALLY. What we actually do?
We're on the business of Designing & printing for shops, occassions, advertisement and etc.

Services we have for customers so far :
-business cards
-signboards/shopsign (lightbox available too)
-stickers(any design/shape)

T-printing coming soon. We're ordering the printer for T-shirts. stay tuned. hehe..

Interested on any of our services offered? Contact me~! :D I'll assure you that our price will be the best in KK!


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