Saturday, May 29, 2010

KDCA-ISCEP Concert 2010

Same like the day before, I spent the whole day resting at home and went out during the night. haha. and I always sleep late now. I'm like a dracula. Eh no.. I'm a bat. But why batman don't sleep late like me?(mcm tau2 jak...). Okay, so my friends and I went to KDCA-ISCEP Concert 2010 which was held in Hongkod Koisaan KDCA Penampang.

For those of you who have no idea what's ISCEP stands for, I'll be happily to share. ISCEP stands for International Student Cultural Exchange Program. And KDCA stands for The KadazanDusun Cultural Association. Okay fine, I googled for it.. haha =P

The concert started around 7:40pm when Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, our Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah also the Huguan Siou(Paramount Leader), launched the concert by hitting the 'gong' 7 times. (I don't know why I'm so precise on this part).

So apa yg ada?

Magunatip & Sazau Papar performed by St.Joseph, Papar students
Tarian Paina performed by SM St.Patrick, Membakut
Etnik Kreatif performed by SM St.Peter, Telipok
Kumbayan-Murut Ethnic Dance performed by SM La Salle KK
The Story Of Monsopiad Through Dance performed by SMK Bahang, Penampang
The Rise of Huminodun performed by SMK Tun Fuad Stephen, Kiulu
Modern Dance performed by SMK St.Francis Convent, KK
Solo Singing performed by SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Penampang
Batu Gong Legend Dance performed by SMK St.Martin, Tambunan
Sumazau Dance performed by SMK Lohan, Ranau
Korean Performance performed by Korean students

modern dance by St.Francis Convent babes(babes meh??)

awal balik.. apa kes? (people get bored easily)

from left : brian, jeff, jek

Korean Dances with musics including the famous "sorry,sorry" by Super Junior

dunno which performance.. haha

Everything was okay except for the stories through dances.. I don't get even a single scene of a story.. So, I'm blurred.. Sorry to say, but the performance don't work on the audience.. The story was not reaching to us. Modern dance by the Convent students was not much of what I've expected, coz I've seen way better than that, by convent students. Korean performances was okay, I guess? Well the traditional dances by the korean girls was abit dissapointing too. But nevermind, I have enough entertainment being there. And I met and saw some of my friends :-)

Friends I met (excluding those who r with me from the start lahh)

Friends I saw
*???=name forgotten.

Alright I'm tired of typing. my typing weren't as good as before. Overall, I expected more for this concert. But then it was still okayy...

Sanzac Reunion was cancelled, or maybe postponed? I'm too lazy to held up a reunion for now. Let's wait for Jobby coz he'll be good to help to held this thingy. Mawarian Sanzacians, stay tuned okay~!

Good Night.


Azreen said...

Your pic make me imagine the situasion succesfully...good angle !

candy said...

Th last picture is sumazau dance by smk. Lohan Ranau....


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