Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twice the pride, Double the fall

Back when I was in primary school, I used to have really low confidence level in every aspects. It's rather obvious that a science teacher told me, "Azreen, always be proud of what you are. When you're proud of yourself, then people will able to start being proud of u." ... And there I nodded with a silly thought:"she's gotta be kidding..staying low without being proud is the best way". Yet I was wrong.

Of course it is best to stay low. But that doesn't mean you should not be proud of yourself, and for who you are. You have to be proud of yourself, to at least outshine a little. You don't want to keep hidden, do you? Believe in yourself, trust in everything that you do or will do. You will find contentment in this life by finding contentment within yourself. am i right? :D Every each of us have qualities that make each of us unique! *wait, this is not the main idea i've wanted to blog...

But bear in mind, not to be too proud is crucial. At this time, I have seen manyyyy people like this. Too proud to ask for directions in life, too proud to show their problems, too proud to admit of making mistakes. I even have friends whom are too proud to accept others' point of view. Sorry you~. Why? I guess they are just too narrow minded and keep on believing they are more capable than the others.

It is good to be proud, to have self-belief. But having too much of this ruins you. Believing in yourself means recognizing your reachable levels, your own abilities. It doesnt mean believing that you are perfect among others.

Having too much pride in ourselves reduces our ability to learn, and restricts our view of life. It could also damage our relationships with friends. Do you like a proud person?Sure No. Being arrogant creats a false image of who we are. One day when people lose faith in us, we will lose faith in ourselves. That is the time you will remember this title, 'Twice the pride, Double the fall"

P/S : Picked the quote from Count Dooku in Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith :D


Azreen said...

TTT setuju dgn azreen,

Yakin pada diri sendiri mmg penting
yup, ada limitnya.
Kite xnak org chop kite sombong

Nice post dear..
Semoga pandangan azreen dapat membuka minda pembaca

Take care

Azreen said...

im a proud person, my pride is my top priority. that what makes me to not easily to give up. But like you said, it's no use if that person is too proud but narrow minded, he/she will havin a hard time to accept and learn. (pastu jd emo). tu budak yg suka ber-emo2 la yg paling rendah nilainya, cuz they're proud ppl plus narrow-minded. hehe, anyway i like ur post ^^


Azreen said...

hurm..until now i have a very low self confident:(

especially kecantikan:(

dont know why...im very good at my primary and secondary school...im among the elit:)

but, after i entered my U, i found that i have a very complicated self confident level...

i know im good at somthing, but lastly find out that other people much better than me, then, i fall again:(

how to get my high level of confident back?


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