Thursday, June 10, 2010

FIFA 2010

As everyone know, FIFA 2010 are only hours to go~

Frankly, I'm not really into football, since I was small. I always prefer other sports such as badminton, bowling.. and recently, playing golf is kinda fun! haha ..

However, It has always interest me when FIFA comes. People started to go crazy, talking about FIFA, talking about their favourite team, who will win the matches, who will go home early and who will grab the cup. It will be everywhere.. agree?

This time FIFA is hitting German Italy Brazil Malaysia Africa! (Azreen,xkan x tau apa2 psl FIFA, FIFA d mana pun xtau.. ko biar betul??) . Yeah, it sounds ridiculous lah kan? hahaha. i'm jokin~ hmm. a non-football-hearted-person will still at least know what's going on with the football world. Merata2 orang sebut n crita psl bola, hehe.. Football is too big.. Everyone must know. 

I've planned to go out and stay at restaurants/stalls or Jesselton Point when there's any match that interest me. haha. Best tuuu, tgk ramai2... sambil Shisha :D Anndd, main FIFA 2010 game ramai2.. buat league. how's that sounds? hehe..

So, sempena menyambut opening FIFA nihh...

FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Theme Song
I like this song~ yang blm dengar, MESTI DGR.

Schedule time ni ikut Malaysia Time Zone. memudahkan smua :D
Credits to for the schedule!

Lastly, Music video Shakira utk kmu tgk. tgk jgn x tgk...!! 

P/S : Jangan main judi. Bet who will win, without money! :-D Happy FIFA 2010 everyone! haha.


Azreen said...

woaa.tak sabar.aa.rindu nak lawan FIFA10 dengan kawankawan.sob.

Azreen said...


igt adik2... abg azreen dh pesan 2...
jgn main judi k...

igt Allah k

Azreen said...

huhu WC tahun nie england ley menang tak? ^__^..smlm tgk vs mexico..tgk dekat kedai..tapi 15mins pastue baru dpt tgk..taukey kedai tue p bukak hlite..siot ja heee

Azreen said...

Hellow! Just want to share this.. :)
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Azreen said...

your blog cool.


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