Saturday, June 5, 2010

W.E.D. ? What's that?

Just got back from Wisma Merdeka and I'm damn tired. Almost the whole day spent to get 1 shopsign to be done. A customer ordered a 9x1ft. shopsign for her boutique in Wisma Merdeka. 

So, Khairul, Hisyam and I went to do the design and printing around 10+am.(ya, aku bangun awal hari ni! haha), and went to the boutique at 2pm. Skali tgk, rupa2nya butik tu dah buka...start bisnes sda.. we planned to do the cutting and everything in the boutique... By hook or by crook, we have to get it done. So, tpaksa la plan B. Plan B? Yes.. Parking Lot.. kerja potong2 and lekat2 tpaksa dibuat d sna.. TERPAKSA >.< it's dark and it's hot, but we have no choice. 

About an hour or two, it was finally done. installing it on the lightbox was another problem, as this is our first time dealing with lightboxes. But in the end, we manage to get everything done. Akhirnya smua org boleh tarik nafas lega. The receipt were given to her, and *$$$* to us. Thank you for choosing Inside Arts Enterprise. :D hehe.
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What's on today? (5 June 2010)
Before that, do you know that today is the 156th day of the year? random fact for u. hehe

this :

The pic above says everything. W.E.D stands for 
World Environment Day

WED was started since 1972.  WED aims to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. World Environment Day (WED) 2010 is aimed to be the biggest, most widely celebrated, global day for positive, environmental action.

Through WED, we are able to give a human face to environmental issues and enable people to realize their responsibility to the environment.

this year's theme of WED is 'MANY SPECIES - ONE PLANET - ONE FUTURE' . Many species are dissappearing, and you know what is causing this, don't you? Human Activities laah.. As we approach development, we, humans, caused clearing of forests. We also drained alot of the world's wetlands. Andddd we emitted enough heat-trapping gases that keep our planet warming for centuries to come :( .

 Let us consider carefully the actions we should and must take, and then  get ourselves used to common task of preserving all life on Earth. Agree? If u noticed this and are aware with my post, let's make something to make differences. We should join n celebrate WED :-). Don't just join for fun.. Join them with a big heart and true intentions.

I'm happy to hear that there is a gotong-royong held at almost all schools all over Malaysia. It promotes not only to raise awareness for environment, but also enhance the spirit of 1Malaysia as people of different races and religion get to work together as a team :-)

Thousands of ways can be done, that gives positive effect on the environment. Organize a neighbourhood clean-up, stop using plastic bags and invite your friends and family to join what you are doing :-D . OHH~ also, always try to go for CAR-POOL. Like me, I don't drive my car everytime I go out. My friend will give me a ride :) So, good luck guys with anything that u planned for the environment. Make sure it's going to be good, or else, I'll have to look after you~~~

People that I adore, Let's GO GREEN~~

P/S : Any ideas or suggestions? Drop your comment, Please and thank you!


Azreen said...

happy WED day!!hehe
lets go green!
azreen tukar layout hijau x?ekekekek

btw cangrates dpt $$$..wah kaye!!blanje3!!!
penat tp bebaloi kan?
azreen buat la banner..
meh letak kat blog TTT
utk company u :)

Azreen said...

hai azreen, chatbox tak function..hehe..tulis sini jelah..dah click da nuff kamu..thanks following u back:)
hurm, kalau nak duit lebih sket..klik kat iklan:)

Azreen said...

ni mcm hari bumi ek?

Azreen said...



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