Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karate Kid was great!

Did I say great? a little correction; Karate Kid was awesome!

Last night, I went to watch Karate Kid with Jobby and Debbie. Noel did not join us since his having a slight problem and busy preparing his sister's wedding.

Okay, back to the movie. We watched at 9:30PM. tapi masuk hall 9:35... skali masuk, the hall was almost full. 5 min lmbt pun sdh penuh? cayalahh Karate Kid oii...

Tiba2 pula aku sakit kepala~ Migraine again -.- . Tepaksa duduk diam2 sambil tgk movie. Wished someone could lend me a helping hand to do a little massage on my head >.< (okay, its my fault for not having enough rest) What should I say about the movie? It was awesome man! The storyline was nice too. sad, happy and funny moments are all in~! aand, the last part of the movie reminds me of the OLD Karate Kid starred by Ralph Mucchio(dia suda tua skrg!), where the kid got his legs broken during a tournament, and won by his final blow(jump kick). Tapi ini lain lah final blow dia...just watch then you'll know... confirm syok punya!
This is Ralph Mucchio before and after. haha

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jade Pinkett Smith

Mr.Han (Jackie Chan) & Dre (Jaden Smith)

Overall, the movie was superb. I like~ I would rate it 4.5/5. mohon maaf kalau anda x suka. haha.

Today's Story
Today, nothing much...

Jobby, Jek and I went to Noel's sis' wedding at Dewan Maksak. There we also met Keith, Noel's twin brother. hehe. After that, we went back home. jadi good boy hari ni, balik awal... haehee

Till the next post~~!


Azreen said...

aku nak tgk ....
series aku rase mmg best..

ni ko kate 4.5 / 5 lg aku nak tgk.

Azreen said...

i agree wif u....karate kid was awesome....jaden sgt kelakar in that movie... 4.8/5 ....haha~


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