Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Our Culture, Respect Others' Culture

by Mahatma Gandhi 

I liked this Quote so much. It lights up a flame inside my heart. What flame would it be? Of love to the culture :) Do you have love in your culture?

Nowadays, I've been seeing so many people of our own culture, especially teenagers who seem to have forgotten of from where do they come from, what color they were used to be. Following other culture's lifestyle and trends. Why sould we do that? We have our own culture to be proud of!

Why should we practise English Language all the time, when we have our Bahasa Melayu? That is why I started to stop from posting all english-language-entries. I couldn't deny that at times we need to know how to write and speak in other language especially English, Because English is an international language. It ease our communication with other races and nation. But don't leave Bahasa Melayu behind, and start loving it. It is richer than you thought!

Why do we have to practise what other cultures do, since we have our own way? You are only going to get yourself fall, commiting suicide, like Gandhi have said.
Success of individuals and nations depends on their cultures, please do not let your norms be overridden by the forces of globalisation, "no one knows you better than yourself",  

At the same time, do not look down on other cultures. Learn to be respectful, respect them to be respected. That will show how valuable our culture is, how high it is. Every culture has its own way, thus each culture have the rights to be valued and respected.
Ini hanyalah pendapat aku awal pagi ni. Mata dah berat, aku ngantokk. Sebenarnya ingin dipanjanglebarkan, namun kepenatan menghalang. x pa la. sambung dengan topik lain, di hari lain. hehe. Good Night Bloggers!



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I love that quotes....

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<3 it too..
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